15/01/2017 WNAG Draft Training
05/02/2017 WNAG Draft Training
18/03/2017 WNAG Draught Tests B-4 Joint
20/05/2017 WNAG Open Day Display


20/01/2015 New web site layout
The web site is currently being converted to work on more devices, Suggestions to read more
25/01/2012 New leash rules at Bryn Bach Parc
We have been informed that dogs now have to be on a lead at all times in Bryn Bach Park. read more

Training and Events

The events page will be updated regularly keeping you informed of the status of events. If for any reason an event is cancelled it will be announced there

Photos and Stories

Please send your photos or stories to me Webmaster. Any photos will do but preferably with a Newfoundland dog theme